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My 3 Year Old’s Favorite Apps

25+ favorite apps for 3 year olds
Last year I wrote a very popular post about Adelaide’s favorite apps at age 2. I figured it is time for an update on what she’s playing now at age 3. We use an ipad so all the links below are for apple. But many of these apps are available for other devices as well.

As previously stated in other app posts, you must decide when your child is old enough to use this type of technology and how long you want them to use it. We’ve been fortunate because Adelaide has pretty well regulated the time on her own. She doesn’t like to sit too long so before long she’s ready to do some more physical play after some ipad time. The ipad is worth it’s weight in gold on plane rides and road trips, though!

[Note: some of these were sent to us free from developers or picked up free on special sale days. The price listed is the current price of the app on the day of writing this post.]

Previously mentioned favorites that she still plays:

Wee Alphas ($2.99) – An animal themed ABC app with darling graphics and clever rhymes. Full review here.

Elmo Loves ABCs ($4.99) – This app isn’t cheap but it’s FULL of fun. Addie really loves it. Full review here

Make it Pop ($1.99) – We still love this one! Cute and educational. Full review here

Bug Games ($.99) – 5 adorable bug themed games. Full review here

Montessori Numberland ($3.99) – Such adorable illustrations! And great number and counting practice. Full review here.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox ($.99) – Preschool activity practice. Full review here

Toca Tea Party ($2.99) – Host a little play tea party, so cute! Full review here

Spot the Dot ($3.99) – Based on the book by David A. Carter. Full review here

The Monster at the End of this Book ($4.99) – Just like the classic book but even more fun! Full review here

Another Monster at the End of this Book (FREE with a sponsor ad at the start of the app)

New favorite apps: (in no particular order)

The Great Cookie Thief ($2.99) – A funny wild west story starring Cookie Monster. 

Watch Disney Junior (FREE) – We don’t have cable but Addie has loved this app for watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She’s also discovered Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Oso, Octonauts, Little Einsteins and Doc McStuffins. 

My PlayHome ($3.99 or free lite version) – This is probably her #1 favorite app lately. It’s like an interactive doll house! She loves to put the little people in the shower and help them cook dinner in the kitchen. She plays this one for the longest time. 

Potty Time with Elmo ($2.99) – Adelaide loves all things Elmo and potty these days. 

Jake’s Never Land Pirate School (FREE) – Adelaide has been in a big Peter Pan phase and discovered Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the Disney Junior app (mentioned above). So if your kids love the show, they’ll love this app. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears ($2.99) – A very cute retelling of the Godlilocks story with cute graphics. It’s an interactive storybook that Addie loves playing. The sound effects are silly, so that’s probably her favorite part. 

Endless Alphabet (FREE) – This is fun app for learning letter sounds and building words and vocabulary. Adelaide loves the silly sounds. 

Go There Square: A Stella & Sam Adventure ($2.99) – We just love Stella & Sam. So sweet and fun.

Toca Hair Salon 2 ($.99) – If possible, this one is even cooler than the original. I feel like Addie had interest in this app much longer than the original. We love everything Toca does!

Disneyland Explorer (FREE) – We downloaded this app before going to Disneyland a couple months ago and it was an immediate favorite. It’s basically an interactive guide to Disneyland. You can scroll through the park and look at the attractions. There are pictures and videos. She loves the vintage Mickey Mouse cartoons that are part of the app. This is probably her 2nd favorite app lately. 

Montessori Geometry ($3.99) Personally, I LOVE the graphics on this one. And Addie loves shapes.

AlphaTots ($1.99) – A great ABC app that Addie really loves! 

Pixel and Parker ($1.99) – Super cute interactive storybook from the same developers as AlphaTots. I didn’t think she would really like this one but she loved it! 

Giggle Ghosts ($.99) – This is a fun game with a counting element. The ghosts make the cutest giggling sounds. Just hearing her play it makes ME giggle. 

Where do Balloons Go? ($3.99) Beautiful ebook narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis.

Pepi Bath Lite (FREE) – Addie loves to play this app. But we’ve never upgraded from the lite version.

ABC House ($2.99) – All of the ABC apps are fun but Addie really loves this one. Only complaint is you have to have internet access for the videos to work so the app is no good on a plane or car trip.

PBS Kids Video (FREE) – Everybody probably already knows about this app but it’s great! You can watch clips and episodes of the PBS Kids shows. 

A Note About Buying Apps

It can get pricey buying lots of apps! I buy them just a couple at a time when we need new ones. I look for free ones or lite versions to start. When I find a deal on itunes gift cards (often for 15% off) I buy one and apply it to my account so when I buy an app, I really got it for 15% off. Also, a lot of the paid apps are offered for free occasionally or discounted on App Friday or other special occassions.

If you follow me on facebook I post when I come across deals on apps or itunes gift cards. 

I am not being compensated for mentioning any of these apps. We make a very small referral earning if you purchase any of these apps after clicking our links. As always, all opinions are our own!

What apps do your kids love? Be sure to include their age(s)!

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