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Second Story Window, both the shop and the blog, are the joint effort of Heidi and Emily. We’re two sisters with a passion for educating little ones. We used to say that we wanted to own a preschool together. We’d do it at one of our houses. One of us would teach a class on the ground floor and another on the top. Then we’d switch half way through to give us the opportunity to collaborate and teach together. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, we don’t get to live near each other right now so that is a dream on the back burner indefinitely. Running this blog together, from different parts of the country, is the next best thing. We created this blog to collaborate with each other and to share our favorite ideas with you.

Heidi (the big sister) has a masters degree in education with a math endorsement. She taught 2nd grade for 12 years and is in her 3rd year of teaching preschool. She believes Jane Austen may be the sum of all wisom. She travels when she can and knows for a fact that the world’s best chocolates come from the Dumon family in Bruges, Belgium. She thinks sleeping in on Saturday mornings is the highlight of the week. She’s really sad that she will never be interviewed by Oprah.

Emily (the little sister) has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She taught 2nd grade for two years. She has moved around the country from Utah to New York City to Las Vegas to Cailfornia and back to Utah for her husband Jacob to attend medical school. She currently spends her days teaching preschool with Heidi and wrangling her 3 kids: Adelaide, Neil, and Eloise. She’s getting really good at cleaning crayon off of walls and furniture thanks to said children. She is a world class klutz, according to her husband. She is mildly obsessed with lemon scented cleaning supplies.

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After a combined 14 years in 2nd grade, sisters Heidi & Emily are passionate about helping simplify life for other teachers!

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