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3 Ways to Save Money on Teachers Pay Teachers

If you’re anything like me, you love knowing you are getting the most bang for your buck when you go shopping. I can use a coupon on top of a store sale? Yes please! Do I want to earn store credit points with my purchases? Sign me up!

So if you’re wondering the best way to save on purchases at Teachers Pay Teachers, I’ve got your back, you savvy shopper!

How to Be a Savings Superstar on Teachers Pay Teachers

1. Leave Feedback!

Did you know that TpT offers store credits for future purchases when you leave feedback for resources you have already purchased?

Here’s what TpT says about it:

“TpT credits are points that can be applied to future TpT purchases. The amount you can apply is displayed in U.S. Dollars (USD) on your account balance page. When you leave a review, you’ll earn 1 credit for every $1 you spent on TpT for that resource. Each credit has a value of 5 cents, so every 20 credits earned equals $1 you can apply to future TpT purchases. We’ll round up from 50¢ for you! If you provide a review on a resource priced $4.75, you’ll earn 5 credits.”

Talk about an easy way to get free money while helping out sellers with your constructive feedback on their resources.

The process is super simple, too. While logged into your account, click on your profile and then on “My Purchases.” That page will have a tab for paid resources and free resources. The paid resources tab is where you want to be!

Scroll down to one of the resources you’ve purchased. If you’ve already left feedback, there will be a thumbs up and thank you message like this:

If you haven’t left feedback yet, there will be thumbs up and the question “Have you used this resource? If so, leave a review.” Click there to leave your review!

You’ll be guided to the product listing where you’ll click “Leave a Review” and be guided through the short review process.

And the bonus? Besides saving money, you’re helping the creator get valuable information about your experience using their resource!

2. Shop bundles!

Bundles are the TpT word for buying a “multi-pack” of resources from a seller. Think of it like shopping at Costco. You’re getting the best price per item when you buy a 20 pack at Costco vs. a single pack at your grocery store.

Many sellers create bundles of related products. For example, we have bundles of our resource lines like 2nd grade reading comprehension passages and 1st grade phonics poems. Usually, sellers list them at a discounted price compared to the cost of the individual resources. In our shop, bundles are usually at least 20% off the full price.

And some sellers have what we affectionately call “Mega Bundles” which are bundles of already bundled resources! Those offer an even bigger discount because you’re buying even more resources at once. We offer mega bundles of all our reading comprehension passages and all our vocabulary lessons.

3. Shop the Sales!

TpT has sitewide sales a few times a year where almost all stores will be on sale for 20% off and there will be an additional coupon code available to give you 25% off everything! We always have our entire store discounted 25% off for sitewide sales. These only happen every few months and the timing is usually a surprise. So be sure to maximize the opportunity to save by leaving feedback for store credits, shopping bundles, and using the sale code at checkout!

Bonus Savings Opportunity: Class Fund

TpT has launched a new way to save your money with TpT Class Funds. You set up an account, launch a campaign for the resources you need, and share the campaign on social media and with friends and family. It’s a simple way to raise money for the TpT resources your students need.

 Apply these saving steps to your TpT shopping and then sit back and relax, you savings unicorn!


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