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Category: apps

My 3 Year Old’s Favorite Apps

Last year I wrote a very popular post about Adelaide’s favorite apps at age 2. I figured it is time for an update on what she’s playing now at age 3. We use an ipad so all the links below are for apple. But many of these apps are available

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Addie’s Apps: Wee A B See, Numberland and more

We’ve had the opportunity to try out some really great apps recently! Photo courtesy of Wee Society Wee A B See (now called Wee Alphas)– Another animal themed ABC app. But this one? This one is spectacular. The design is AMAZING (something you know I care a lot about, even

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New Feature: Addie’s Apps

My recent post about Addie’s favorite apps has been extremely popular. The comments are full of great app suggestions I wanted to try out. So here’s the first installment of our feature Addie’s Apps. Let me tell you about three new apps Addie is trying out. Alien Buddies This is

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our favorite apps

Adelaide at 20 months My 2 year old, Adelaide, loves our ipad. We got it last summer when she was 17 months old and she was interested in it immediately. I was amazed at the incredible apps there are out there, even for a child as young as she was

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