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December Book-a-Day 20: Mortimer’s Christmas Manger

I absolutely adore little Mortimer but I love him even more after reading Karma Wilson's quote about how she was inspired to write this book. "I was having a bad night. Very bad. I felt alone and small and scared. It occurred me that I wanted to contribute a story of hope and joy to the children—a light to shine in dark times. So I prayed to God to give me a story. I asked for a story that would convince me and others that He loves us and hears us no matter how small or insignificant we feel. Mortimer came along that night. I feel this spunky, little mouse is the answer to my prayer."


Mortimer the mouse is tired of living under the stairs and takes off in the house to find a nicer place to sleep. He's delighted to find a little bed just his size in the family Christmas decorations: the Christmas manger! But after hearing the family share the special story of the Nativity, Mortimer realizes his manager already belongs to somebody very important. But not to worry, he will still find a home of his very own. Mortimer's Christmas Manger is a story sure to fill your heart with the Christmas spirit.


Make a little manger (just Mortimer's size!) out of a toilet paper tube. Find the directions here. If you're feeling really ambitious there's directions here for making the entire creche!

Totally Tots also has a bunch of nativity themed activities that would be fun for preschoolers to do.

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