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Christmas Consonant Blends

free christmas beginning blends literacy centers

We’re back again with some adorable Christmas literacy centers. This time we’re tackling consonant blends : s blends, l blends, and r blends.

These centers are a fun and seasonal compliment to our phonics program. Word Play Phonics for 1st and 2nd grade is a differentiated word study program that incorporates weekly word sorting, chunk spelling, phonics poetry, phonics games, daily decoding, and lessons. This is a teacher-friendly, low-prep, engaging program that both students and teachers will love. Click here to learn more about our phonics program.

These are independent literacy activities, perfect for centers.

free s blend stockings literacy center

S Blends Stockings practices the following s blends: sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, and sw. Students say the word on each stocking and identify the beginning s blend they hear. Then they add the correct top to their stocking.

free r blend christmas literacy center

R Blends Trees practices the following r blends: gr, br, pr, fr, tr, and cr. Students say the word on each ornament and identify the beginning r blend they hear. Then they add the ornament to the Christmas tree labeled with the correct r blend.


L Blend Sleighs practices the following l blends: sl, pl, cl, fl, gl, and bl. Students choose a gift and say the word. After identifying the beginning l blend they hear, they place the gift on the corresponding sleigh.

We also included in each center a recording sheet for students who might be ready to write the words they sorted. A lot of kids working on blends won’t be ready to write a word like flower but some will.

After completing each center, there is a blend skill practice sheet. (Answer keys included.)

Recap! Each center includes:

  • independent literacy center for practicing s, l, and r blends
  • visual directions for students
  • cover for envelope to hold center pieces
  • picture key
  • recording sheet
  • skill practice sheet
  • skill sheet answer key

This is a great companion or review activity for our 1st grade Word Play phonics program. It also correlates with Words Their Way Sort Letter Name Alphabetic Sorts 18-25. 

Click below to download the free Christmas Consonant Blends centers and free 1 week sample of our Word Play phonics program! Merry Christmas!

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