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Category: Word Play Phonics

5 Ways to Simplify Word Sorting

Word sorting is a powerful instructional method but making it happen smoothly in the classroom can be a lot to manage! So we put together some of our best tips for simplifying the management of word sorting. Here are 5 tips to simplify word sorting: 1. MAKE A MASTER COPY

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Why I Don’t Use Words Their Way for Spelling

Why don’t I use Words Their Way for my sole phonics and spelling curriculum? And why don’t I use Words Their Way for my weekly spelling lists and spelling test? I get this question often. You know that I love Words Their Way. (We now use our own comprehensive phonics

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Differentiated Word Study Made Easy

When Heidi and I were both teaching 2nd grade, we had a dream. We had a dream of THE IDEAL WORD STUDY PROGRAM. We both feel like we had some really solid practices in place for teaching phonics and spelling. But we had complaints about our cobbled together word study

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Christmas Consonant Blends

We’re back again with some adorable Christmas literacy centers. This time we’re tackling consonant blends : s blends, l blends, and r blends. These centers are a fun and seasonal compliment to our phonics program. Word Play Phonics for 1st and 2nd grade is a differentiated word study program that incorporates weekly

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Turkey Digraphs

Isn’t practicing an important concept so much more fun when you can do it with an engaging, seasonal activity? We created this free beginning digraph turkey center as a companion to the phonics program we’ve been working on and we want to share it with all of you! Speaking of our

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1 Easy Trick to Simplify Word Sorting

Aren’t we all looking for a way to simplify the management of 25+ students and all their little word sort cards each week? A reader told us this tip a few years ago and we couldn’t believe how simple and easy it was. It’s a CRAYON. Here’s what you do…

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