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Adventure to Fitness

When you've had as much inside recess as we have this winter, you come to realize how absolutely incredible Adventure to Fitness is!  Have you tried it with your kiddos?

Adventure to fitness

I tried it on a whim a few months ago.  The next day I picked the kids up after recess and they were telling me how they'd created their own adventure as they tried to outsmart Mr. Laze.  I was sold!  They love it so much that we've scheduled it on on Mondays–if they get their work done.  What an incentive!  And they beg for certain adventures.  Can we do the one where we have to save Mr. Clock?

Each 30 minute episode takes us to a new location.   We've visited Tasmania, the Old West, the Himalayas, a medieval castle…and more! 

Adventure to fitness 2

Each episode is also full of science facts, historical tidbits, and new vocabulary.  Best of all it's a half-hour of kids moving. We've slid down mountains, swung through the jungle, faced pirates and crocodiles, scaled walls, paddled down rivers…

Adventure to Fitness 1

I think my favorite so far has been Super Volcano.  We visited Yellowstone to inspect the volcano there.  Mr. Marc was a great guide.  We love Mr. Marc! 

Adventure to fitness 3

(We also love Mr. Clock.  We've been working on telling time in math and everytime I hold up a clock I hear, "It's Mr. Clock!")

And it's free for teachers!  Sign up now.  You'll be so glad you did!  Also, don't forget to like them on facebook.  If they get enough new "likes" they'll release a new  episode.  Woo hoo!

Be swift!  Be bold!  Be ADVENTURERS!

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