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35 Favorite Christmas Reads

If we were to make a list of our favorite Christmas books, it would be REALLY long. Heidi and I both have an addiction to kids books, especially Christmas ones. So for this list, we picked 5 favorite books in 7 specific categories and reviewed each one. We’ve given each a “Readability Rating” as well, so you know how it will be for reading out loud. There’s nothing worse than grabbing a book to read aloud for a quick time sponge and then discovering it’s super text heavy!

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5 Favorite Nutcracker Books

5 Favorite Folktale Christmas Books

5 Favorite Twelve Days of Christmas Books

5 Favorite Dinosaur Christmas Books

5 Favorite Feliz Navidad Books

5 Favorite Night Before Christmas Books

5 Favorite Christmas Themed Traditional Reads

Here’s the Readability Rating guide you’ll find in each theme.

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Happy Christmas reading to you!

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