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Weekly Kids Co-Op Link Up Party

Sorry it's been so quiet around here lately! I've been out of town and up to my eyeballs in projects (that you're going to love!)I haven't been planning as many activities as I'd like for Adelaide but it turns out sometimes I come up with something decent on the fly. She came across these foam shapes in my stash the other day and begged (“pease, pease!”) to play with them. I found a little divided container I have from the Muji store and she had so much fun putting the shapes in and out of it. Good fine motor and one to one correspondence practice, right?

I wanted to tell you that we've joined the Kids Co-Op. It's a group of bloggers sharing the best in kids activities, crafts, and more. Every week we host an awesome link-up party. YOU get to share your amazing posts for everyone to check out. The link-up party shows up on every blog participating in the Co-Op so by entering on one person's blog, you get exposure on many blogs. We also have a Pinterest board where we feature our favorite entries each week. Feel free to follow the Pinterest board and Facebook page as well. So please share a favorite post or project! Be sure to comment on any posts you enjoy.


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