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Seed Fun

All week long I teach 2nd grade.  So when Sunday rolls around I get a big change…I get to teach the 3-year-olds!

No rest for the wicked, right?

A few weeks back, our lesson was "I'm thankful for plants."  I wanted some different examples of seeds to show them and was glad that Dollar Tree had cheap seed packets (like 4/$1!).  I bought some flower and vegetable seeds and was trying to figure out how to put them out for the kids to investigate.  In the back of the store I snapped up a set of 10 little round containers. 

From the seed packet I punched out examples of the mature plant for each lid.  Turns out my 2 inch circle punch fits the container lid P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y!  (I may or may not have done the happy dance at this point…)


I wanted examples of tree seeds as well so I raided my science materials from school for acorns and maple seeds.  I labeled the lids/bowls of each container because some of those flowers were tricky for me.  Everything fit inside another Dollar Tree container. 

Seed boxes

When I taught the lesson, I gave each of the kids a magnifying glass and let them investigate the different seeds.  They loved it!  It was nice that they could look at and touch each kind.  They compared the differences in shape and were really intrigued that such large plants started with such tiny seeds.

I've been looking at all the seed packets on sale right now and trying to decide if I need to expand my collection.  You can never have too many seeds, right?


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