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Reindeer Games Holiday Classroom Management (Freebie!)

Reindeer Games Holiday Classroom Management Freebie

I remember the moment clearly. It was a Friday afternoon in the middle of December. We’d had a sub the day before (you know how the kids are after that!) and a snowstorm was rolling in (you know how the kids are before that!). We were in the midst of our school-wide penny wars and to top it all off, it was a full moon. One or two of those factors I could combat, but all 6?  I’d need superhuman powers to be able to keep my class focused and working hard! There was nothing I could do. I taped a sheet of paper to a ruler, crawled under my desk, and waved my white flag for all I was worth.

Okay. I didn’t really do that, but I wanted to!

I love teaching in December. It really is one of my favorite months to be in a classroom, but there are some days like the one I mentioned above when you just want to pull your hair out! Out of that frustration came this Reindeer Games management system.

Here’s the gist. When the class is on-task, they can earn a reindeer card. If they’re not following directions, one of the cards comes down.
Reindeer Games Holiday Classroom Management Freebie

When all 9 reindeer are on the board, the class gets their reindeer reward. Ahead of time I’ve filled the little pocket with an activity. Often it’s something we were already going to to, like do an art project to hang in the hall, but they don’t know that!

Reindeer Games Holiday Classroom Management Freebie
What I love about this system is that I can get the attention of all my squirrely little darlings without having to say a word. I just start walking toward the board where the reindeer are displayed and they’re suddenly very keen to be caught following directions.

We’ve put together everything you need to make this work in your own class as our Christmas gift to you!!

Reindeer Games Holiday Classroom Management Freebie

 This set includes:

  • 10 reindeer cards (you’ll only need 9, but I wanted to give you a choice between Donder and Donner because my Dutch girl heart has to be true to Donder)
  • a foldable library pocket for holding your Reindeer Game reward card
  • 2 anchor charts for listing behavior expectations
  • 20 suggested easy-to-play Reindeer Games (these can all be done in the classroom and require minimal supplies)
  • A blank set of editable Reindeer Game cards (for Powerpoint) so you can include your own activities (type them in KG Red Hand font and they’ll look exactly like the others in the set)
  • 15 teacher pages of explanation and instructions

May your December teaching be peaceful and productive! Merry Christmas!

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