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Chunk Spelling is a comprehensive, developmental spelling program to teach your students how to use “chunks” (word families) they know to spell new words. Set the stage for reading success with this collection of word work activities that gives students practice reading and writing words. Each word family provides students with multiple opportunities to develop a deep understanding of an essential word family. Knowing these word family chunks enables students to quickly read and spell hundreds of words.

This is a LIMITED TIME Mega Bundle of:

Ultimate Chunk Spelling Bundle includes 86 unique spelling chunks! Each chunk includes:

  • weekly lesson plan
  • all the materials needed for individual or whole class word building
  • weekly spelling homework that ties directly to the weekly chunk- double sided tri-fold menu style
  • photo support of less-common words (4 pictures per week) for vocabulary building and ELL students
  • materials for making weekly pocket charts

Word Family Worksheets Mega Bundle includes 65+ word family worksheets sets! Each set includes:

  • 15+ unique pages per word family
  • more word families will be added in the future at no extra cost to you!

Please Note: There is some overlap between this bundle and the 1st Grade and 2nd Grade Word Play Phonics Curriculum bundles. If you’re interested in a comprehensive curriculum (spelling AND word sorts, games, word family poems, lesson plans, and more), you should choose the Word Play grade level of your choice + the word family worksheets set you’d like!


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Chunk Spelling + Worksheets MEGA Bundle