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Halloween Sensory Bin


Heidi here with a happy Friday to you all!  Um, have I mentioned that I'm teaching preschool this year?  Yeah, kind of a big change around here.  After 12 years in 2nd grade, I'm feeling like a new teacher again, but it's ever so much fun! 

This was my first sensory bin and it's been a learning experience.  For example, I bought a few too many pounds (like 17 too many pounds) of black beans to fill this up.  So if you need some black beans, I can hook you up–for the next decade!

The set up of this bin is pretty straightforward.  I used this cute bee bin from Counting Coconuts for inspiration.

Here's Emily in her missed calling as a hand model:

Photo 5
For filler there's:

  • black beans
  • orange buttons
  • black acrylic vase filler (I found a little bag at Michael's for $1 and like an idiot only bought 1 bag.  Of course they're out now.  So I added…)
  • black faceted beads from Jo-Ann's
  • orange rhinestones from Michael's (last year)
  • black spider table scatter from Jo-Ann's

There are some little jack-o-lantern buckets for pouring.  I added a couple Halloween rubber ducks, but so far they've just been in the way of the important work of scooping. 

Here's what the bin looked like before the children enjoyed it (pardon the phone camera quality)

I originally added some acrylic pumpkins from Michael's but decided to put them at the light table instead.

I have a bin full of black and orange spoons and measuring cups.  So far the favorite implements are the giant ladle with the pumpkin handle (from the Target Spot) and the orange ice cream scoops bought last January (?) at Dollar Tree.

Have the kids enjoyed it?  It's been an absolute hit!


Although for some of them I don't know which they like more: playing in the bin or sweeping the beans off the floor afterward!


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