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Useful Product- GoWrite!

One of my favorite products to use in the classroom is GoWrite! Self Stick Dry Erase Sheets. My coworker introduced them to me last year and I found them to be so handy. You can print on them with certain types of printers, but I never tried that.

My coworker used them to make each student a board to hold up for interactive lessons. She liked this method because they could leave them in their desks and she didn't have to spend time passing out whiteboards for a quick interactive lesson.

I liked using it for classroom organization. I cut them into 3×3 squares and made a grid on one of my cupboards. The grid holds information for my students' reading groups. One square has their assignment, another square has the strategy they're focusing on, and the third square holds a correlating writing assignment for those groups who can handle it. It works like a charm! My students learned to check the grid daily and work on their assignments during free time. It helps me keep my guided reading time efficient.

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