Back to School Picture Bingo • First Day of School


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Back to School Picture Bingo • Perfect for the First Day of School

The beginning of the school year is a magical time. This colorful and fresh bingo game is an exciting way to kick off the new year.

Whether you’re a homeschooler, tutor, classroom teacher, or parent looking for back to school activities, you’ll love Back to School Bingo. It’s a game I’ve used on the first day of school for years! You’ll find your students opening up and getting more comfortable with each other as the game progresses.

The first days of school are nervous and exciting days for everyone. This game is a perfect beginning activity because it caters to all of the students, no matter their reading abilities. It’s a simple game that is accessible to all learners. The bright illustrations are engaging for young learners. It’s also a great way to introduce some new school vocabulary as there is bound to be one or two pictures with which your students aren’t familiar. This would also be a fun game to play at home to prepare a young child for starting school.

This game includes 25 unique and colorful Bingo boards, each numbered on the bottom corner for reference. There are 36 calling cards big enough to hold up for players to see. The pictures were specifically chosen to be easily recognizable by children.

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Back to School Picture Bingo • First Day of School