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Looking for a way to help your second graders get better at Math and English Language Arts? Our comprehensive 2nd grade homework packet is just what you need! It’s full of fun and engaging activities that will help your students practice and retain important skills. This bundle includes our best-selling 2nd grade math spiral review homework and 2nd grade ELA spiral review homework.


Our 2nd Grade Math & ELA Homework packet is perfect for students who want to improve their skills in these subjects. With daily practice of key concepts in Math and ELA, this resource will help students retain important skills and become more confident learners. All activities are aligned to the 2nd grade Math and ELA common core standards, so you can be sure your students are getting the practice with the content they need to succeed.


Our 2nd grade homework pack includes:

  • 180 days of common core aligned ELA practice
  • 180 days of common core aligned math practice
  • Answer Key
  • Google Slides for each week


This 2nd grade ELA and math resource is perfect for classroom use and can be used as homework, daily spiral review, fast/early finishers, or exit tickets. This comprehensive resource is sure to help your 2nd graders excel in math and ELA, making it a great addition to your 2nd grade classroom curriculum. You will love how this homework pack provides a fun way to have consistent homework time for your students.


Our Spiral Review homework includes both math & ELA content because studies show that mixing different content challenges the learner but leads to more flexible understanding and the ability to implement knowledge in varied situations. These worksheets are a great way to spiral review skills all year long.


What makes our homework half sheets special?

❤️ Horizontal (easy to project!) half pages

❤️ Paper saving half-sheet design

❤️ Parent-friendly details

❤️ Effective content review that is not time-consuming or overwhelming

❤️ Detailed answer keys

❤️ High quality, non-distracting design

❤️ Both Math & ELA content

❤️ Carefully planned content designed to build independence in students

❤️ Expertly spiraled content that constantly reviews and increases in difficulty

❤️ Key features designed to help students deepen their understanding

❤️ Google Slides for each week

❤️ Seesaw – Click & Assign for each week


Each day contains a half-sheet with a 2nd grade math spiral review on one side and a 2nd grade ELA spiral review on the other. Copy back to back and cut down horizontally across the middle. Each page is labeled with an “I can” statement for each topic to help grown-up helpers understand the activity.


2nd grade ELA homework cycles through 5 language art areas:

✅ Phonics — vowel and consonant practice

✅ Comprehension — reading and responding

✅ Grammar Skills — nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, contractions, past tense, subject-verb agreement, etc.

✅ Writing — composition and editing

✅ Vocabulary — context clues, glossary skills, synonyms, compound words, etc.


2nd grade math homework cycles through 5 areas:

✅ Place Value — combinations to ten, using ones and tens, number patterns, expanded form, etc.

✅ Fast Facts — computational fluency with combinations to 20

✅ Problem Solving — addition and subtraction (one and two-step problems) with 1 – 3-digit numbers, comparisons, multiplication, division, money, and writing their own problems.

✅ Graphing — practice with pictographs, line graphs, line plots, bar graphs, tally charts, and data tables.

✅ Review — even and odd numbers, greater than/less than, geometry, fractions, measurement, money, telling time, and place value.


Be sure to download the Bonus file to get the ELA and Math homework assignment combined into one file AND the digital files!


What are teachers saying about these printable worksheets and homework pages?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “This is one of the best bundles I have ever purchased. It covers all the standards I need to, easy to keep track of and find what I need and the kids have been very successful with it.” – Rebecca R.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Fantastic for my little ones! Kept them interested and perfect amount on the pages to not seem overwhelming! These are so useful and helpful!! Thank you” – Kelly C.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I absolutely loved your products. This is a great resource for students to practice phonics, reading, writing and math skills! My students enjoyed the activities.. Thank you for always creating products that are beneficial and simple to implement, but also engaging!” – Sanober K.


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2nd Grade Homework

2nd Grade Homework for Math Spiral Review & ELA Spiral Review Print & Digital