1st Grade Reading Fluency Passages BUNDLE

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36 weeks of homework or intervention to improve first grade students’ reading fluency. Includes a weekly fluency passages, reading comprehension activities, fluency growth charts, and Google Slides and Google Forms options.

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Do you need meaningful and engaging reading fluency passages for your 1st graders? This BUNDLE of reading comprehension passages comes with 36 weeks of homework or interventions to improve first grade students’ reading fluency and comprehension skills. These NO-PREP reading fluency passages take only a few minutes a day to complete!

Help students meet their reading fluency goals with these short passages. Using these reading comprehension passages in your classroom is EASY! Each week your students will read a reading comprehension passage each day to build their fluency skills with repeated readings. These reading passages are a great way to give your students more reading fluency practice!

Included with these reading comprehension 1st grade fluency passages:

⭐️ 4 weeks reading level A (set 2)

⭐️ 4 weeks reading level B (set 2)

⭐️ 4 weeks reading level C (set 2)

⭐️ 4 weeks reading level D (set 2)

⭐️ 4 weeks reading level E (set 1)

⭐️ 4 weeks reading level F (set 1)

⭐️ 4 weeks reading level G (set 1)

⭐️ 4 weeks reading level H (set 1)

⭐️ 4 weeks reading level I (set 1)

❤️ You will LOVE how EASY these reading comprehension 1st grade leveled passages are to implement in your classroom. Simply print the pages you need for the week and copy them back-to-back. Students can also use these for independent practice or partner reading.

Each page is divided into 4 sections and labeled Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4. Students practice reading the assignment for the day (letters, words, or sentences depending on the level) and then complete a quick close reading activity to help strengthen skills. These passages and reading comprehension questions are perfect to implement at the beginning of the year.

Each week of reading fluency passages contains:

  • 2 pages (copy double-sided)
  • 1 leveled passage for daily reading (alternating fiction and non-fiction each week starting in level E)
  • 4 days of short close reading activities
  • Parent Tips (weekly)
  • Parent letter in English & Spanish with Additional Information
  • Alternate question page each week with multiple choice close reading questions + key
  • Fluency growth chart tracking sheets
  • Fluency folder cover

❤️ Families will LOVE using these reading passages at home with your students as they work to improve their reading skills. There are also weekly parent tips to give families ideas of how to support their students at home.

You could send home the same reading passages with each student for the week, or use the different levels to differentiate for your entire class. You will have fluent readers in no time!

Check out the previews for a closer look at these reading fluency practice passages!

What are teachers saying about these passages for improving student fluency?

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I used this fluency pack for my 1st graders and low level 2nd graders. They needed something to read for homework and this worked perfectly. The activities were just right for my students. All of the necessary scaffolding was included so that students would be successful.” – Emiko D.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “These were perfect for my littles to get them to practice reading fluency and boost their comprehension skills. It also was balanced well enough to help me catch areas where they needed more practice. Plus the kids liked the stories.” – Tarra S.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “My students read these passages nightly to help with reading fluency. Each student got a passage on their level. My students grew so much in using these passages and it really helped with their fluency. Highly recommend it.” – Lindsey N.


Please note: the Level A, B, C, D, practice sheets in this bundle are different than the ones in the Kindergarten Fluency Bundle. This is a great companion resource to any of our other fluency products.


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1st Grade Reading Fluency Passages

1st Grade Reading Fluency Passages BUNDLE

Original price was: $27.00.Current price is: $20.00.