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3 Guidelines to Make Classroom Transitions Work Smarter Not Harder [episode 50]


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Overview of episode 50:

For the past few weeks we’ve been taking a deeper dive into classroom transitions. We’ve covered two different characteristics of transitions: having clear beginnings and endings and ways to have transitions unfold rapidly. To wrap up this miniseries, today we’re discussing the final characteristic of classroom transitions, which is minimizing the downtime between activities. 

One of the main problems with transitions is how long it takes to get students focused back on learning or starting a new task. But luckily, we have the solution that will make your transitions much more efficient, which is having an activity they can start immediately and independently following a transition. We like to call this a bookend. During the episode, we provide further explanations and examples of this idea. 

After understanding bookends, we ask you to start planning for these transitions. When planning, we share 3 things to consider in order to make your transitions more efficient. We provide a breakdown of our list and how you can effectively implement this with the transitions you already have in your classroom. 

We all know transitions sound great in theory, but are a lot harder to execute in reality. However, we hope that after listening to this three part series on classroom transitions, they will be more clear, rapidly moving, and minimize downtime between them.

Highlights from the episode:

[00:54] Today’s morning message: what are you reading right now?

[2:58] Feedback of the Week: Chunk Spelling System

[7:03] The key to transition success

[10:24] 3 things to consider when planning a transition bookend

[17:10] Quick recap of our classroom transition series

[18:23] Today’s teacher approved tip for keeping a basket of bookend activities handy for grabbing at a moment’s notice.


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