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Category: Back to School

The First Day of School in 2nd Grade

Back-to-school is the worst of times. It’s so stressful and exhausting (seriously it’s so, so tiring!). But it’s also the best of times! The feeling of a new beginning is absolutely exhilarating. I love that fresh start, where everything is possible and I haven’t screwed up…yet! I may be in

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One Word Theme for the School Year

Agree or Disagree? September is the new January! For me, this is definitely TRUE. I always feel energized and inspired to start fresh come September, even in the years when I haven’t been teaching. It just feels like a fresh start, a perfect time to set goals and make changes. In

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Getting to Know You

Do you have a “Student of the Week” in your classroom? It’s a tried and true activity for letting each of your students feel special. It’s fun for each student to share about themselves and it’s a great way to build a feeling of classroom community. The trouble can be

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Back to School Bingo Gets A Facelift!

One of the very first products we made when we started Second Story Window in 2008 was Back to School Bingo. It has been a popular item every year at this time but I finally got a chance to give it a much-needed face lift! If you have purchased it

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