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Category: 1st Grade

Favorite Halloween Reads

Some people shop for shoes.  Some people love purses.  I couldn’t care less about either of those, but when it comes to holiday books, I’m a junkie!  Christmas books are my drug of choice, but I’ll take a hit off a St. Patrick’s Day book or back-to-school book (or Groundhog’s

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1st Grade Morning Messages (No Prep!)

The 1st Grade Morning Messages are finally DONE! Want to know more about how the morning messages came to be? Read this post about the 2nd grade version. To help with organization we assigned each day a theme: Math Monday, New Term (vocabulary) Tuesday, Word Power Wednesday, Think About it Thursday,

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Chunk Spelling

Spelling is one of those things that EVERYONE has an opinion about and very few people agree on. I think that the best way to learn how to spell is to spend extensive time reading and writing. I also believe that a weekly word list has very little carryover into

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1st Grade Common Core Homework (100 days)

If you want to know more about our philosophy on homework and see why this packet is only 100 pages, read this post about our 2nd grade homework. It’s done! It’s done! It’s done! It’s done! It’s done! It’s done! It’s done! It’s done! There were some dark moments there. 

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1st Grade Common Core Homework Add-On Pack

The title of this product is a little confusing. We started with the end! We don’t have the first 100 pages of the 1st grade homework finished yet. But we thought it would be helpful to make the planned add-on pack first so it can be used for the end

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1st Grade Morning Work

1st Grade Common Core Aligned Morning Work

Looking for 2nd grade morning work? See it here. At last we are finally able to reveal our First Grade Morning Workbook! It’s definitely been a labor of love (and when Word freaked out because of all the graphics there were moments of less love), but we are so pleased

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Works For Us Wednesday: Secret Scrap

Heidi says: We were cutting a lot of papers for math the other day which, inevitably, left a blanket of confetti on the floor. It’s those moment when I’d like to kiss the person that invented “secret scrap.” I do it a little differently than Emily, so I’ll let her

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