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Back to School Fluency Mini Lessons ( A Freebie!)

This year we’ve been busy creating Fluency in a Flash, our digital interactive fluency mini lessons for the 1st-4th grade. To start the school year, we wanted to create a special Back to School themed Fluency in a Flash for you to use in your classroom for FREE! (And even though it’s school themed, it would be great to use any time of the year!)

What is Fluency in a Flash?

Fluency in a Flash is a brief, targeted routine for practicing reading fluency daily. Each day of the week focuses on a specific fluency skill and can be completed in 2 or 3 minutes.

Simply project the day’s digital lesson (PowerPoint required) and guide your students through the activity. Offer feedback on how they’re reading and, if time allows, give them the opportunity to complete an extension activity and self-assess their reading fluency.

Please note: You MUST have PowerPoint on a desktop device to use this resource. It is NOT compatible with Google Slides, Keynote, or Powerpoint for Ipad. This resource is digital only and is not designed to be printed. The files will open directly into Powerpoint show mode to protect the complicated animations and links.

Want to try Back to School Fluency in a Flash for FREE? 

Click here to download a FREE week of Back to School Fluency in a Flash!

Want does a week of Back to School Fluency in a Flash look like?

The weekly activities are the same for each grade level but the content is different.

Monday – Syllable Segments: Students work with multi-syllable words to practice the word attack strategies of segmenting and blending. Syllables slide in on backpacks before a school bus reveals the whole word.

Tuesday – What a Character: Students practice reading a short seasonal poem as a real-life opportunity to practice good phrasing and expression. They also have the opportunity to practice reading as different characters to make this fluency practice extra fun. Students can read in three seasonal styles each week: like you’re excited for school to start, like you’re in the library (shh!), and like a principal making an announcement.

Wednesday – Watch Your Tone: Students practice reading the same sentence using tones that match different settings. This helps them focus on the subtler aspects of expressive reading. Three school themed scenes make the sentence take on a whole new meaning.

Thursday – Crazy Conversations: Students create a conversation where the words are nonsense, but they must use the punctuation cues to add meaning to what they’re saying. Students will love having a nonsense word conversation between a student and a lunch lady!

Friday – Riddles: Fluency and inferencing skills are applied as students practicing reading—and then solving—seasonal riddles. Spoiler alert: Set in a classroom, your students will love these school themed riddles that enter the scene with a paper airplane!

Click here to download our FREE Back to School Fluency in a Flash!

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