We are thrilled to introduce a new product in our digital downloads store. We collaborated together to create illustrations of girls, boys, and animals, and we’ve set them up to mix and match! Simply download the PDF, print, adhere the paper to wooden blocks, and start mixing and matching. But don’t take our word for it. The moment we assembled our first set and gave it to our 3-year-old son, he immediately started playing with it and proclaimed, “I LOVE THIS!” For a boy of few words, it was the greatest review we could hope to receive. Download a set (or all three) and enjoy!


Simply purchase a PDF in our store ($5 each or $12 for all three sets), download, and print! The downloads come with all instructions needed for the project.

These make great gifts, especially when you’re making multiple sets!

Here are some links to products that I recommend:

Full sheet sticker paper

1.5″ blocks

2″ blocks

1.5″ wooden tiles

2″ wooden tiles

White foam (pieces may be adhered to white foam instead of wooden tiles or blocks and used like paper dolls)

Modge Podge

Acrylic Sealer (may help with Modge Podge tackiness)