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ACORNS = Always Communicate, Organize & Remember Necessary Skills

ALOHA = Academic Learning & Organized Homework Always

ANIMAL = Accountability Notebooks for Individual Management for All Learners

ANIMAL = Announcing Neat Ideas for Must-have Accountability for Learners

ANIMALS = Announcing Neat Ideas for Managing All Learning Success

ANT = Always Neat Together

ANT = Absolutely Necessary Things

ANTS = Always Neat Tidy Students

ANTS = Awesome Notebook for Terrific Students

ANTS = Absolutely Necessary Things for School

APPLE(S) = Always Prepared People Learning Everyday (Skills)

ARK= Always Responsible Kids

ARK= Awesome & Ready Kids

ARK= Awesome Reports to Keep

ARMADILLO = Always Ready Materials And Daily Important Lessons Link Organization

AXE = Achieving X-cellence Everyday 

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BALLOON = Bring All Lessons (for) Learners' Ongoing Organization Nightly

BANANA = Bring All Necessary Assignments  for Needed Achievement

BAT = Bring All Things

BEACH = Bring Everyday: Assignments, Communication, & Homework

BEAR = Bring Everything Always Ready

BEAR = Being Equipped And Responsible

BEARS = Becoming Efficient (or Effective) And Responsible Students

BEAR = Being Excited About Reading

BEE = Bring Everything Everyday

BEAVERS = Bring Everything, Always Venture (to) Excel, & Remember Skills

BEAVERS =Being Excellent At Valuable Everyday Responsibility

BEAVERS = Being Excellent And Valuable Encourages Responsibility

BIRD = Being Incredibly Ready Daily

BLAZER = Bright Learners Are Zealously Establishing Responsibility

BLOOM = Building Learning: Ongoing, Organized Materials

BLUE = Bringing Lessons Used Everyday

BLUE = Binder (of) Learning Used Everyday

BOBCATS = Bringing Our Books Can Accelerate Thinking Skills

BOBCATS = Better Organization, Better Communication and Terrific Students

BRONCO = Being Really Organized Nightly: Communication Ongoing

BUCKEYE = Binder (of) Useful Communication Keeps Everything (for) Your Education

BUFFALO = Building Understanding For Families (*or Facts) And Life Organization

BUG = Bring Useful Gear

BUG = Being Unusually Good Students

BUILDER = Bringing Useful Informed Learning Daily Earns/Equals Responsibility

BULLDOGS = Beginning to Understand Life's Little Daily Organizational Goals & Skills

BUMBLE BEE = Bright, Unique, Maturing, Blooming, Learners, Enjoy Bringing Everything Everyday

BUTTERFLY = Bringing Useful Things Teaches Excellence & Responsibility For Learning Yearly

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CABOOSE= Communication Aids & Better Organizes Our Skills Everyday

CACTUS = Communication Accelerated Completely Through Useful Skills

CAMP = Communicating And Managing Paperwork

CANDY = Communication And News Daily (for) You

CANOE = Communication, Assignments & News Organized Everyday

CAR = Caring About Responsibility

CARDINALS = Children Are Reporting Details (of) Important News About Learner Skills

CARIBOU = Children Always Ready & Informed (for) Better Organized Understanding

CATS = Creative And Talented Students

CHAT = Communication, Homework & Assignments (for) Today

CHEETAHS = Communicating Home Every Evening To Achieve Huge Success

CHESTER = Communication Helps Each Student To Earn Responsibility

CHICK = Collection of Homework & Important Communication to Keep 

CHIPMUNKS = (CHIP) Communication (at) Home Improves Pride

CLIFFORD = Children Learn Informational Facts For Organization & Readiness Daily

CLOWN = Children Learning to Organize What's Necessary

CLOWN = Communication, Lessons & Organization with Neatness

CLUE = Children Learning Useful Efficiency 

CLUE = Communication & Learning Used Everyday

COMETS = Communication, Organization, & Must-have Essentials (for) Teachers & Students

COBRAS = Communication & Organization Begins (with) Really Awesome Students

COUGAR = Collection Of Useful Guides And Resources

COUGAR = Complete Organization: Used (to) Guide Academic Responsibility

COW = Carefully Organized Weekly

COYOTE = Carefully Organizing Your Own Things Everyday

CROSS = Christian Resources (to) Organize School Stuff

CUB =Cleverly Useful Books

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DAISY = Daily Announcements & Information (for the) School Year

DAWGS = Daily Achievement with Great Skills

DAWGS = Daring (to) Achieve with Great Skills

DEER = Daily Essentials and Easy Resources

DEER = Doing Everything Everyday & Right

DINOSAUR = Daily Information Needing Organization Skills (that) All Use Regularly

DOG = Daily Organizational Guide

DOLPHINS = Daily Organization, Lessons, Parent Helpers, Important
Notes & Skills

DRAGON = Daily Requirements & Achievements Getting Organized Neatly

DRAGON = Daily Requirements And Goals Organized Neatly

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EAGLES = Everything A Great Learner Expects (for) Success

EASY = Everyday Assignments & Skills (for) Youth

EDGE = Efficient Daily Goals (for) Everyone

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FAITH = For Achieving Information That's Helpful

FAITH = For Assignments & Information That's Helpful

FALCON= Finding (Out) About Learners Communicated by Organized News

FALCON= Friendly Access (to) Learning & Communication Organized Nightly

FALCONS= Formatting All Learning & Communication (for) Ongoing Nightly Success

FARM = Formatting Achievement, Responsibility & Management 

FARM = Fully Achieving Responsible Management

FIESTA! = First-grade Information Everyday; Skills That Achieve

FISH = Fine, Independent Students Happen

FISH = Family Involvement Starts Here

FISH= First-grade Information Stored Here

FLAG = Fantastic Learners Achieving Goals

FLAG = Families Learn About Goals

FLAGS = Fantastic Learners Achieving Great Success

FLAME = Families Learn About Materials Everyday

FLOWER = Folks Learn Organization With Everything Ready

FOREST= For Organization & Really Excellent Skills Today

FOX = For Organization X-tras

FROG = For Really Organized Guys/Girls

FROG = For Really Organized Gear

FROG = First Really Organized Guide

FROG = First-grade Room #___  Organizer Gear

FROGS = Fully Responsible, Organized Growing Students

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GARDEN = Goals Are Reached Daily (with) Everything Needed

GARFIELD=Gathering Academic Resources For Individuals (to) Explore Learning Daily

GATOR = Getting All Things Organized & Ready

GATORS = Get All Things Organized & Ready (for) School

GEAR = Getting Everyone/thing Absolutely Ready

GIRAFFES = Great Information, Resources  And Fundamentals For Essential Skills

GIRAFFES = Goals, Ideas, Resources And  Frameworks For Enjoying School

GOAL = Getting Organized Assignments & Lessons

GOLD = Getting Organized Lessons Daily

GREEN = Get Ready Everything, Everyday, Neatly

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HAWKS= Having All Work Kept (by) Students

HAWKS= Homework Achieved (by) Well Kept Students

HAWKS= Homework And Weekly Kid Skills

HEDGIE= Helping Everyone Do  Great  In  Everything

HERO= Have Everything Ready & Organized

HIKERS = Helpful Information Kept Everyday Readies Students

HOME = Help Organize Me Everyday

HORNETS = Having Organized Resources Now & Everyday Teaches Success 

HORSE= Happy Organized Ready Students Everyday

HOUNDS = Homework Organization, Useful Necessities, & Daily Skills

HUSKIES =Huskies: Unusually Structured Kids, Including Everything  School

HUSKIES = Helping Understand Skills (for a) Kid's Independence & Excellent Status

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I-SPY = Informing Students & Parents Yearlong 

ICE =Instant Communication Everyday

IGLOO = Information (to) Guide Learning, Organized & Ongoing

IGUANA=Important Guide for Understanding About New Activities

IMPALA = Important Materials for Parents About Learner Activities

INDIAN = Information Needed Daily In All Notebooks

INSECT= Important New Skills & Everyday Communication Too

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JACKS = Just Accountability Creating Kids' Skills

JAGUARS = Just Achieving Goals Ultimately & Rewarding Success

JEWEL = Just Enjoy Working Everyday & Learning

JOEYS = Just Organizing Everything at Your Side

JUNGLE = Just an Ultimate Notebook to Get Learners Excited

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KID = Keeping Informed Daily

KANGAROO = Keep All Necessary Gear & Assignments Ready: Ongoing & Organized

KINDER= Kindergarten Information, Necessary Data & Educational Resources

KIT= Keep It Together

KITES = Keep It Together Everyday System

KITE = Keep it Together Everyday

KOALA = Kids Organizing and Learning Accountability

KNIGHTS = Keeping Necessary Information & Goals Handy (for) Terrific

KNIGHTS = Kids Need Important Goals, However They Succeed

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LADYBUG = Letters And Daily Yarn Become Useful Guides

LEOPARDS = Little Experts Organizing, Practicing And Remembering Daily Skills

LIGHTHOUSE = Learning Is Generated Here Through Homework, Organization, & Using Skills Everyday

LION = Let's Include Organization Now

LION = Let's Instill Organization Now

LION = Let's Involve Organization Now

LONGHORN = Little Ones Now Get Highly Organized & Ready Nightly

LONGHORN = Learners Organized & Neatly Gathering Homework = Responsibility Nightly

LUAU = Learning & Understanding Are Useful 

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MAGIC = Managing Assignments, Goals, Information & Communication

MANATEE = Managing All Necessary Achievements through Everyday Exercises

MANATEE = Management and Neatness Always Take Extra Effort

MICE = Management In Classrooms Everyday

MONARCH = Managing Organization Nightly And Reading Communication Happily

MONKEY = My Organization Notebook Keeps Everything Yearlong

MOOSE = Managing Our Organizational Skills Everyday

MOOSE= Management Of Organizational Skills Everyday

MOVIE = My Organization: Very Important Everyday

MUSTANG = Major Understanding, Success, (&) Togetherness Achieved (with a) Nifty Guide

MUSTANG =  Managing Useful Skills To Achieve Necessary Goals

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NASCAR = Necessary Aids (for) Successful Communication & Responsibility

NEWS =   News Everyday Wisens Students 

NICE = Neat, Incredibly Creative Everyday

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O.K. = Organized Kids

OCEAN = Organized Communication Every Achiever Needs

OCEAN = Organized Communication Everyone Always Needs

ORANGE = Organized, Ready And Neat Guide Everyday

OSCAR = Organizing Student Communications And Resources

OWL = Organized Weekly Learning

OWLS = Organized With Lightning Speed

OWLS = Organized With Learning Success

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PACKERS = Practical Assignments & Communication Keeps Everyone Ready (at) School

PANDA = Prepared And Necessary Daily Assignments

PANTHER = Practice And Nurturing Teaches Honesty, Excellence & Respect

PANTHER = Putting All Necessary Things Here Earns Respect

PANTHER= Putting All Necessary Things Here Equals Responsibility

PARROT = Prepared, Always Really Ready, Organized Tools

PASSPORT = Parents And Students Study, Prepare, Organize & Reflect (*or Read) Today

PATRIOT = Prepared Assignments, Tools Ready, Information Organized Today

PAWS = Prepared And Wonderful Students

PEACOCK = Proud, Excellent, Achieving, Communicating, Organizing, & Caring Kids

PEANUT = Practical Everyday Aids & Necessary Useful Tools

PELICANS = Pride, Excellence, & Lessons Instilled (in) Communication And Necessary Skills

PENGUIN = Practical, Excellent & Necessary Goals Using Intelligence Nightly

PICNIC = Prepared, Informative Communications & News In Classrooms

PIG = Practical Interactions & Goals

PIRATE = Prepared, Informed, Responsible, And Together Everyday

PONY = Prepared, Organized & Neat Young'ns

POPCORN = Practical Organization & Parent Communication - Ongoing Responsibility Nightly

PRAIRIE = Prepared Ready And Informed Resources & Information Everyday 

PRESS = Papers Ready Everyday = Student Success 

PRIDE = Polite Responsible Intelligent Disciplined Empowered

PRIDE = Practicing Responsibility In Daily Endeavors 

PROMISE = Prepared, Ready, Organized- Molds In Students Excellence

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QUIET=  Quick Useful Information Every Time

QUILT = Quick Useful Information & Lessons (for) Today

QUIVER = Quick Useful Information Very Efficient &  Ready

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RACCOON = Responsibly Applying Classroom Communications On Organized Notebooks

RACING= Responsibility And Communication- Informational Nightly Guides

RAMS = Responsibility And Management Skills

RAINBOW= Responsibility, Achievement, Information, Neatness & Better Organization Wins

ROADRUNNER = Read Over, Always Daily , Really Useful Notes & Necessary Educational Resources

ROCKET = Really Organized Children Keeping Everything Together

RODEO = Really Organized Details Everyday & Ongoing

ROOSTER = Ready & Ongoing Organization (for) School That Enables Responsibility

ROSE = Ready & Organized (for) School Everyday

ROYAL = Responsibly Organizing Your Awesome Learning

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SAFARI =  Students And Families Are Responsible & Informed

SCHOOL = Successful Communication Helps Organize Our Lives

SCOOP = Students Communicate & Organize Our Papers

SCOTTIE = Students Creating Organized Techniques To Improve Education

SCOTTIES =  Student Communication Organized To Teach Important Executive Skills

SEED = Student Excellence & Efficiency Daily

SHARK = Student Homework And Resource Keeper

SHARK(S) = Students Have Amazing Record Keeping (Skills)

SHERIFF = Students Have Everything Ready In Fabulous First-grade

SOARING = Student Organization And Resource Information (for) Necessary Gains

SMILE = Students May Inspire Learning Everywhere

SMILE = Students Managing Information & Learning Everyday

SPACE = Student Papers And Communication Everyday

SPARKLE = Students Prepared & Responsible Keep Learning Everyday

SPIDER = Student Papers & Information Developing Everyday Responsibility 

SPOT = Start Practicing Organization Techniques

SPUR = Students Prepared & Using Readiness

STALLION = Skills To Achieve Life's Learning Independently Organized Nightly

STAR = Skills to Teach Academic Responsibility

STAR = Stuff to Always Remember

STAR = Students Taking Awesome Responsibility

STAR = Students That Are Responsible

STARZ = Students Taking Academic Responsibility Zip

STARZ = Students Taking Academic Responsibility Zoom

STEER = Students That Effectively Engage (in) Readiness

STOP = Students That (are) Organized & Prepared

SUNS = Students Using Necessary Skills

SURF = Students Using Responsibility First (or in First-grade)

SWEETS = Students Working Everyday Enables Their Success

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TALK = Today's Assignments (to) Learn & Know

TANKS = Tidy And Neat Kindergarten Students

TANK = Tidbits And News (for) Kindergarteners

TEAM =Together Everyone Achieves More

TEAMS  = Teaching Everyone About Management Skills

TIGERS =Teaching Independence Gets Everyone Ready (for) School

TIGER = Today I've Got Everything Ready

TIGER = Taking Initiative: Getting Everything Ready

TOAD = Total Organization Achieved Daily

TOOL = Totally Organized Ongoing Learning

TORCH = Teaching Organization & Really Communicating at Home

TRAIN =Tracking Records And Information Notebooks

TRAIN=Together, Responsibility And Instruction (are) Nightly

TRAIN=Teaching Responsibility And Information Nightly

TRAVEL = Teaching Responsibility And Values (for) Everyday Learning

TREAT = Taking Responsibility Enables Achievement Today

TREATS = Taking Responsibility Enables Achievement (of) Today's Success

TREE = Together, Ready, & Effective Everywhere 

TREE= Taking Responsibility Each & Everyday

TURTLE = Teaching Us Responsibility To Learn Everyday

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UNICORN = Understanding Needs Important to Children by Organized Reporting of News

UNICORNS = Understand Necessary Independence Creates Organized Responsible Neat Students

UMBRELLA = Useful Methods Brought Ready Everyday, Learning Lessons Always

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VACATION = Various Academic Communication And Teaching Information Organized Nightly

VIKING = Very Independent Kids' Important Notes & Guides

VICTORY = Very Important Communication To Organize Responsible Youth

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WARRIORS = Wonderful Achievements Require Resources, Instructions And Organized Readiness Skills

WATERMELON= Weekly Achievements To Easily Review & Manage -  Learning Organization Nightly

WAVE = Weekly Assignments (for) Victorious Efficiency (*or Effectiveness)

WESTERN = Weekly & Everyday Skills To Easily Review Notes

WHALE = Wonderful Home And School Links Enrich Student Learning

WHALE = Weekly Homework And Little Extras

WILDCAT = Weekly Important Lessons, Daily Communication, Assignments Today

WILDCATS = We're Independently Learning Daily Communication About Techniques & Skills

WINGS= Watch Inside (for) Notes, Good news &  School work!

WOLF = Well Organized Learning Folders

WOLF = Well Organized Learning Fun

WOLVES = We're Organized Learners & Very Exceptional Students

WORKER= Weekly Organized, Responsible Kids (with) Excellent Resources

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X-RAYS = X-treme Review (for) Achieving Your Skills

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YAHOO = Young'uns Aiming High: Ongoing Organization

YELLOW = You're Engaging Lessons & Learning Organization Weekly

YOUTH = Your Organization Used Together (at) Home 

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ZEBRA = Zipping Everything Being Ready Everyday

ZOO = Zealous Ongoing Organization

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