Fluency in a Flash! This is a year-long bundle of fluency mini lessons for 4th grade.

This resource is weekly 5-day interactive PowerPoint mini lessons that can be done in just a few minutes every day with no prep from you! You’ll love how easy it is to implement these lessons in your +daily routine with only a few minutes needed! Your students will love these interactive and engaging mini-lessons.

Please note: You MUST have PowerPoint on a desktop device to use this resource. It is NOT compatible with Google Slides, Keynote, or Powerpoint for Ipad. This resource is digital only and is not designed to be printed. The files will open directly into Powerpoint show mode to protect the complicated animations and links..


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What is Fluency in a Flash?

The Fluency in a Flash program is a brief, targeted routine for practicing reading fluency daily. Each day of the week focuses on a specific fluency skill and can be completed in 2 or 3 minutes.

Simply project the day’s lesson on your board and guide your students through the activity. Offer feedback on how they’re reading and, if time allows, give them the opportunity to reread some or all of the day’s materials.

When we help students recognize words effortlessly and teach them to read with appropriate expression and phrasing, we’re allowing them to access texts in a more meaningful way. Reading fluency is the key to unlocking the magic of reading.

What does a week of Fluency in a Flash look like?

  • Monday – Fantastic Phrases: Students practice reading sight word phrases with fluency to learn how fluent readers group words into meaningful phrases.
  • Tuesday – Emphatically Speaking: Students read the same sentence multiple times, but emphasize a different word with each read.
  • Wednesday – In Other Words: Students practice reading the same sentence with 3 different emotional tones.
  • Thursday – Crowd Karaoke: Divide your students into 2 groups and practice choral reading a short poem. At the end, students have the chance to read the poem to a fun musical beat.
  • Friday – Tongue Twister: Students challenge themselves to read silly sentences 3 times fast. (Spoiler alert: your students will love this!)

What does a month of Fluency in a Flash contain?

Each month of Fluency in a Flash contains 5 weeks of daily interactive PowerPoint mini-lessons. We provide 5 weeks so you always have enough!

What does this bundle contain?


>> Click here to download a FREE 1 week sample of 4th Grade Fluency in a Flash! <<


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4th Grade Reading Fluency in a Flash Bundle • Digital Mini Lessons

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