Summer Packet 1st Grade • No Prep End of Year Cumulative Review


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Teaching Duration: 50 Days

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Help your students soar over the summer with this 1st grade cumulative review! Our 1st grade summer review expertly spiral reviews the 1st grade language arts and mathematics standards over 50 days of practice.  While these pages are perfect for a summer review, they also make a wonderful end of year cumulative review in class! Your students will enter 2nd grade ready to tackle the new content that awaits them.

Daily Spiral Review is one of the most effective ways to help students move their learning from short-term to long-term memory. Every time our students retrieve information from their memories it becomes easier to recall that information in the future. Our Summer Review includes both math & ELA content because studies show that mixing different content challenges the learner but leads to more flexible understanding and the ability to implement knowledge in varied situations.

What makes our Summer Review special?

  • Horizontal (easy to project!) pages
  • No prep!
  • Detailed answer key
  • High quality, non-distracting design
  • Both Math & ELA content
  • Expertly spiraled content that constantly reviews
  • Key features designed to help students deepen their understanding
  • 3 unique, editable cover options (each in color and b&w)
  • Parent-friendly design for home use

Ways to use this resource:

  • A take-home summer review packet
  • An end-of-year cumulative review
  • Test preparation


1st grade Summer Review cycles through 5 language art areas:

  • Phonics – short and long vowel word family practice
  • Sight words – daily high frequency practice
  • Phonemic awareness – segmenting and blending practice
  • Grammar – nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs
  • Writing – composition and handwriting

And 5 math areas:

  • Math facts – number combinations and strategies for numbers to 20
  • Place value – combinations of tens and ones, adding tens and ones, making and using 2-digit numbers
  • Geometry – 2-D and 3-D shapes and fractions
  • Measurement – nonstandard and standard measurement, time, and money
  • Problem solving – 1 step addition and subtraction word problems with numbers to 20


1st Grade Summer Review includes:

  • 50 days (10 weeks) of math/ELA spiral review
  • Answer key
  • 3 editable cover options (color and b&w)


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Summer Packet 1st Grade • No Prep End of Year Cumulative Review