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Bouncing Back After a Break [episode 4]


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Morning Message: 

[0:58] How would you like to spend a break from school: traveling or relaxing?

We both answer that question differently. However, when you have any sort of break, it doesn’t matter how you choose to spend it, as long as whatever you’re doing helps push that reset button to get you through the rest of the school year! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this question, so go find us on Instagram at @2ndstorywindow to start this conversation! 

We recognize that any transition after break can be difficult, for you and your students, but especially after spring break where summer is just around the corner. In this episode, we talk about eight strategies that help with bouncing back after a break! 

A lot of these strategies may seem like beginning-of-the-year procedures and tasks, but by the end of the year, our students need to be reminded of the expectations that have been in place all year. Even though they may have lost focus and relaxed on their behaviors, they need to know our expectations have not been laxed. 

Coming back from a break, particularly at the end of the year, can be rough, so it’s important to have procedures set in place to make that time easier and end the year on a high note. Incorporating these strategies will ensure your transition back from break will be smooth and enjoyable!

In this episode on how to bounce back after break, we discuss:

  • Strategies on how to end the year strong and more focused
  • Ways to help you physically and mentally clear space
  • Learning how to fall in love with teaching at the end of the year
  • Recognize a transition back from a break can not only be difficult for you, but also your students

This week’s teacher approved tip:

[10:03] Try attention span training with your students.

Are you kids’ attention spans getting shorter towards the end of the year? Try this teacher tip!

Give your students a focal point, and asking them to focus on that spot for as long as they can, while you time them. As soon as someone looks away, time stops. Eventually, students’ focus will get longer, which results in better attention to learning, and help with the challenge of testing towards the end of the year.

What we’re giving extra credit to this week:

[12:12] Heidi is giving extra credit to Mad & Bad, Real Heroines of the Regency by Bea Koch 

[14:03] Emily is giving extra credit to my son Neil’s teacher – Mrs. Smith


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