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Category: review

Easy End of Year Review with Easter Eggs

End-of-year test reviewing can be overwhelming. How can you help the students remember everything you’ve learned in class all year without drilling and killing? Heidi gave me this tip my first year teaching: Make it a fun activity! All you need for this activity is: Empty plastic easter eggs Small

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3 Ways to Stop the Summer Slide

Do you know about the “Summer Slide”? It’s the phenomenon of students losing some of their newly acquired knowledge and skills over summer break. And elementary students are most at risk for experiencing this! So what can we do to help? 3 Ways to Stop the Summer Slide Luckily, there

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2nd Grade Cumulative Around the Room Math Review

At the end of my first year of teaching (a ridiculously long time ago!), I was confronted with the ugly fate that all poor teachers face: THE TEST.  Realizing that my kids weren’t completely prepared, I grabbed a stack of colored paper from the work room and wrote out some

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