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Category: management

Get it Done!: Ticket to Summer

Today's Get it Done! idea is another summer plan by the talented Stacy Julian. This time she used a tickets system to motivate her children to "get it done!" They earned a set amount of tickets for certain "jobs" and then were able to redeem them for sleep overs, going

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Get it Done!: Summer Bingo

I was smitten when I saw Stacy Julian's delightfully fun Summer Bingo idea to keep her kids active and entertained this summer. Go to her blog to get the details and a free download of the bingo rules and her basic bingo card. I know as a kid this would

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Get it Done!: Time Limits

As teachers we know how hard it can be to help young children accomplish a task in a timely manner. We suspect you mothers feel the same way at home! This week we'll offer some tips on helping your children accomplish work, chores, and tasks in a way that will

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Works For Us Wednesday: Secret Scrap

Heidi says: We were cutting a lot of papers for math the other day which, inevitably, left a blanket of confetti on the floor. It’s those moment when I’d like to kiss the person that invented “secret scrap.” I do it a little differently than Emily, so I’ll let her

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