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Category: 2nd grade

2nd Grade Homework

Soooo homework.  Yeah.  Isn’t that a tricky subject?  After a dozen years of teaching here is my philosophy on homework. The general rule is 10 minutes of homework for every grade level.  That would be 20 minutes for 2nd grade.  I don’t include reading at home when I’m talking about

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2nd Grade Common Core Morning Work

(See 1st Grade Morning Work here.) **We made a HUGE update to this product. Read about it in this post.** In my classroom, students begin the day by working independently in their morning work books for 10-15 minutes. Trying to design the original version of the morning work book in

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Works For Us Wednesday: Secret Scrap

Heidi says: We were cutting a lot of papers for math the other day which, inevitably, left a blanket of confetti on the floor. It’s those moment when I’d like to kiss the person that invented “secret scrap.” I do it a little differently than Emily, so I’ll let her

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